Ripped from the Headlines

omg, this book. This Ripped from the Headlines book. Written at least a year before the pandemic. A year! Writers do have the ability to predict the future.

There are two main points of view (both women, because the virus attacks only men. Men are toast!)

Amanda and her husband are both doctors. She screams at him not to go to work, but he does anyway.

“It’s a baby,” he shouts at me when I finally run out of steam after his return. He was only gone a few hours. “She’s going to die if I don’t help. I’m the only pediatric oncologist in the hospital at the moment.” He doesn’t say why he’s the only pediatric oncologist because he knows it answers my questions for me and makes his arguments absurd. He’s the only pediatric oncologist in the hospital at the moment because the other two fucking died.

“You have two children here in this house,” I scream with fury. “You might be a better doctor than me but I’m a better parent.

The End of Men, p. 32


Will is weeping now. I’ve never made him cry before . . . But this mistake is not reversible. I cannot touch my husband because if he is carrying the virus I might catch it and then our boys will be more likely to get sick. I cannot forgive him if the boys die because of this.

The End of Men, pp. 32 – 33

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