After the Virus

Amanda is a nurse, the first person who recognizes that the strange illness that is felling men right and left is a virus. No on believes her. Apparently, she dropped out of medical school for a year, which forever destroyed her reputation.

See if you don’t see yourself in the following scene, describing what Amanda does as soon as she arrives home from work:

When I left the hospital on Nov. 3 at the end of my shift, I changed out of my scrubs and walked, in my underwear, to the fire exit in the changing room and put fresh scrubs from the plastic on just before I left through the door emblazoned with FIRE EXIT ONLY. I did not give one solitary fuck about fire exits.

After getting out of the car once I got home, I ignored the front door, stripped in the garage and burned the clothes. I walked naked through the house and showered with the water as hot as I could bear and a new bottle of sterilizing wash I took from the hospital storeroom. I didn’t go near the boys and screamed at them when they started jokingly coming toward me in pigeon steps.

The End of Men, by Christina Sweeney-Baird, p. 31

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