When an Abuser Tells the Victim to Hide

The middle section of Heaven is excruciating. At this point, self is fully vested, she is not going to stop reading, no matter what. But the cruelty to the MC keeps escalating. Finally, the MC is hurt so badly that he is bleeding profusely, and his abusers instruct him not to let anyone see him. They tell him which paths to take to avoid being seen. The MC does his best to comply: because worse than the injustice is the fear of what people will think when they see him in that condition. The MC is convinced that anyone who sees him bleeding will completely lose all respect for him.

His fear of being singled out is so strong that he will fight and fight and fight — not his abusers, he has no hope of winning against his abusers. But he will do anything to avoid being labeled a VICTIM by more people. In fact, that second fear is even stronger than the fear of being bullied.

No one wants to be isolated, no one. And that’s where bullying gets its power.

Aargh, self is only halfway. That means she still has another hundred pages of cruelty to plow through.

(His best friend, Kojima, is no help because she has very philosophical ideas about why this is happening, and the best she can offer is this magical place called “Heaven” when, really, she should be talking HOSPITAL)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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