Norwegian Wood, Redux

Norwegian Wood is self’s favorite of all of Haruki Murakami’s work.

There are many ways in which Mieko Kawakami’s Heaven reminds her of early Murakami.

And here we are, p. 34 of Heaven. The narrator’s only friend, a misfit like himself, writes him a letter:

Hi again, I wonder what kind of person you’ll be when you’re twenty-two. I’ve been thinking a lot about stuff like that recently. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we’re still writing letters then?

Okay, I have a favor to ask. Actually, it’s an invitation.

When the semester is over, I have something I want to show you. A place. If we don’t go during vacation, we’re going to miss it.

It’s Heaven, the place I want to show you.

Just think about it. I think you’ll love it. Please say yes.

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