Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC): July is BROWN

At first, self didn’t think she’d find anything that fit this challenge, but suddenly, her eyes landed on one brown thing in her living room. Then another. And another. Pretty soon, she had a whole series of possibilities, just from the living room! Thank you to Cee Neuner for always finding a way to get self’s creative juices flowing.

The Reason Why

The Reason Why is because THERE IS NO CURE FOR STUPID.

A third of the way through this book, self already knows that two of the worst commanders in the British Army were in charge of the troops at Balaclava. One was so racist he couldn’t even stand the sight of a black bottle at the dinner table. There must be a few commanders out there who are racist and still manage to be good commanders. Unfortunately, that was not the case with Lord Brudenell.

The worst thing is, everyone from the Duke of Wellington on down staunchly defended this stupid man because he was “one of their own” — meaning, he belonged to the aristocracy. His parents had purchased his office for 25,000 pounds. The officer who SHOULD have been promoted to lead the 11th Regiment was passed over because he did not possess a title. Following which, the officer very sensibly quit the British Army and offered his services to Portugal.

In fact, Lord Brudenell faced trial again and again, because his level of incompetence was simply spectacular. But each time, he got off. Now I understand the guy who said: “I can walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and nothing will happen to me.”

At least, The Former Guy didn’t start a war. Silver linings?

Stay cool, dear blog readers. Stay cool.

Lord Brudenell and The Former Guy

LB is, self assumes, one of the officers who ordered his regiment into the Jaws of Hell at Balaclava, since we are spending chapters and chapters on his backstory.

Lord Brudenell is a dolt, and also a martinet. Not only that, he is also a racist. And his racism is of so virulent a type that not only does he hate Indians (This is unfortunate, since India was the Jewel in the British Crown), he also hates any member of the British Army who has spent time in India. Alas, the regiment he’s been given command of, the 11th, has been in India for seventeen years.

He wants to rid his regiment of “Indians” (meaning, anyone who has served in India) and he calls those “Indians” who choose to continue under his command astonishingly “thick-skinned.” No “Indian” officer ever received an invitation to his own house, and when cards of invitation for dinners and balls were sent to the mess by gentlemen living in the neighbourhood, he made it a rule that they were not to be given to those officers whom, he said, he “had found sticking to the regiment in the East Indies.”

Not only did Lord Brudenell dislike any member of the regiment who had served in India, he grew apopleptic if any waiter had the bad judgment to leave a black bottle on the dinner table, he said because he only wished his regiment to be served champagne.

Which reminds self that, in an unprecedented spate of federal executions in the transition period between the November 2020 election and Joe Biden’s inauguration, a black man was scheduled to be executed on the Martin Luther King Jr holiday, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s son wrote to the White House to beg for a postponement, in honor of his father’s memory, and no one bothered to answer him. In the end, because The Former Guy’s White House was so incompetent, the execution scheduled for Martin Luther King Jr. Day had to be postponed for a few hours (because of the lack of necessary paperwork) and happened in the wee hours of the following day. Phew?

Self only learned about this incident when she read an Associated Press article about Attorney General Merrick Garland putting a temporary moratorium on all federal executions.

Stay cool, dear blog readers. Stay cool.

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