Thursday Trios: CHAIRS

YAY! Self is joining another Thursday Trios Challenge!

Lately, self has been reminiscing a lot about Paris.

Not that she’s thinking of making that her next trip, necessarily. But she was there in 2017, right after the Former Guy pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, and all of Paris was agog.

In retrospect, that was a peaceful time.

Here are some trios from that trip: The first two are from the park next to the Musée de l’Orangerie. The last picture is from Fontainbleau.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Trios: CHAIRS

  1. Thanks for your contribution to Thursday Trios. I love the chairs in the last photo. I hope you get back to Paris sometime soon. I’ve never been there but I think our next trip will be to London, England to see our granddaughter who was born just before the pandemic really started to shut everything down.


    1. I love London. Have spent so much time there (until the pandemic). What a special trip that will be for you, to see your granddaughter for the first time! So glad things are opening up.


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