Whoa! Thirteenbern Gilbryn

Thirteenbern is the Mother of Meas Gilbryn, the only person our heroine can not out-kickass.

Thirteenbern stands for . . . care to take a guess???!!!

There was no denying the strength in the Thirteenbern’s body, and that was why she showed it. She flaunted her fertility. This woman was the bringer of thirteen perfect children to the isles and claimed title as mother of all. Her skirts were of iron, laced together with birdgut and enamelled with stylised fish which danced across her lap.

— p. 134, The Bone Ships

Upon seeing Meas: “You are my curse. Every day I ask why the Hag took nine of my children in war but never so much as touched you.”

Mummie Dearest! Say it ain’t so!

While Meas is having lovely convo with Dearest Mum, her deckkeeper, Joron, is led away by a Kept, only to find himself propositioned.


Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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