Only One Reason to Read Grimdark

And that reason is mayhem. Absolute mayhem.

Trigger warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence

The Trouble with Peace, p. 254:

  • The next Burner raised his shield. Sulfur’s fist was a blur that turned it into flying splinters, folded the man’s arm back on itself, ripped his head half-off in a spray of blood and sent him flopping like a rag doll among the benches below. Sulfur had already caught a woman by her hair, ripped her head down and smashed his knee into her face with a bang so loud it set Orso’s ears ringing again.

p. 255:

  • A man screamed through the cloth around his face as Sulfur caught the wrist of his sword-arm, the joint popping apart in his grip, and dragged him close. The screen turned to a bubbling groan, and there was a crunching, cracking, slurping, the back of Sulfur’s head jolting like a famished dog at its dinner.

WHO is this man Sulfur? From whence did he appear? Self must admit she’s been in a state of distraction lately, but surely she couldn’t have missed a whole character in her reading? Luckily, the mystery of Sulfur’s identity is solved in two beats:

  • “An Eater,” breathed Queen Terez. Orso made a point of never arguing with his mother. While watching a man rip into another with his teeth was no time to start.

So Eaters are something like Zombies? They eat brains or something? Why does the author wait for p. 255 of his Age of Madness trilogy to unleash the Eater(s)? Self can’t believe she read a whole book and a half without ever encountering this marvelous creature! What is her life?

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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