Back to Grimdark: Joe Abercrombie’s The Trouble with Peace, Book Two of The Age of Madness

Since the pandemic — not to mention the threat of gun violence — made self a couch potato (Excuses! She was already a couch potato before!), she was able to finish Dark, Salt, Clear this afternoon. Yes, she read the second half of that book practically in one sitting. Helped along a little by the discovery that Lamorna Ash is 23. Or was, halfway through the book.

Also, self learned she spent eight days, not eight months, on the Filadelfia. And was quite a lot of the time tipsy, at least while on land (This is not a judgment. In fact, it’s quite endearing. But it’s a little hard for the reader to put herself in Lamorna Ash’s shoes afterwards, just sayin’)

All of this was revealed gradually, about halfway.

But, what a writer. She managed to get a whole book out of eight days on a fishing boat! And powerful writing it is, too.

Self will admit that at least part of her skepticism is attributable to envy. HOW CAN A 23-YEAR OLD WRITE THIS WAY, HOW.

Anyhoo, self has returned to the universe of The Age of Madness. Orso, who was a wastrel prince in Book One, is now KING in Book Two! And he is trying. Really trying. Even though he had the leader of the rebellion murdered and displayed his broken body in a cage, he wants to be a benevolent and wise King.

The first scene is a sort of cabinet meeting, and there are about twelve characters all talking at once. But since self has seen this sort of thing before (in Book One of The Age of Madness), she knows not to get antsy, she knows her patience will be rewarded.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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