Who Will Live? Who Will Die? A LITTLE HATRED, The Battle of Red Hill

Self has chosen her side. Grimdark is always more interesting when one has a dog in the fight. Apologies, dear blog readers, self lives for drama. Practically rolls in it.

Leo dan Brock and his mother, Finree dan Brock, all the way! (Really, couldn’t Abercrombie have thought up better names)

First of all, Leo dan Brock goes by the moniker The Young Lion. And his mother Finree is the fiercest general this side of Angland (That’s right: ANGLAND), and together they face an army of Invading Louts led by Scale Ironhand, Black Calder, and Stour Nightfall (Really, these names!). And no help is forthcoming from the Union, because that whoring Prince Orso has been tasked with putting down a rebellion in the very important mill regions, where his mistress, Savine de Glotka (UGH, even having to type that is making self’s tongue curl) has been forced into hiding by lout-ish Breakers and Burners.

It is almost time for dinner. Then, she’ll curl up in bed and try and see who wins the Battle of Red Hill.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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