A Trap! (Not a Spoiler)

The Battle of Red Hill is about to be joined.

Alas, valiant Finree is, self fears, about to be crushed while her son watches.

This is not a spoiler because it hasn’t happened yet.

But, all the pieces are in place. Leo van Brock (What names these are! Ugh, even having to type them!), The Young Lion, is told to stand back and let his mother Finree lure the army of Stour Nightfell into an ambush. Finree will do anything to keep her son safe, even if it means sacrificing herself, so it stands to reason that Finree will actually end up sacrificing herself. Of course, the Young Lion (who, despite being very brave and very handsome, is also not very smart) will follow Dearest Mum’s orders to a T, thereby ensuring that he will live to fight another day.

This is, self is sure dear blog readers will agree, Top Angst!

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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