Writing Like Fable

Nanu the polar bear has an ever-present companion, an arctic fox, who as it happens (or as Raffan writes it anyway), is also a ‘she.’ This is a very interesting choice, to make Nanu the she-bear have an echo in a she-fox. (In fact, the male of both species rarely appear, and when they do, it is only to fulfill a specific function)

The point of view is limited third person.

Chapter Three: Nesting

Even the fox is looking more robust than usual, and she knows this because when she sleeps she senses her presence, often within view. And although the fox is usually a few steps behind her as she investigates vapor trails, occasionally she will be drawn to hunting sites because the fox has found them first. She often knows where the fox is because one of the ravens will be cruising high above. It is never difficult, even in the dark, to find the fox even when the raven is somewhere else, because of the particular pungency of her pee spots, like markers on the trails, which lead to new hunting possibilities.

Ice Walker: A Polar Bear’s Journey Through the Fragile Arctic, by James Raffan

The devastating effect of the loss of polar ice, here:

Stealth hunting is best when the ice covers most of the bay’s surface, but if the ice covers less than 30% of the water’s surface, hunting success drops precipitously.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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