In the Grip

So where is self at in High As the Waters Rise? She’s in very leisurely reading mode. She’s about a fourth of the way through.

It is such an interesting book. Aside from the language, which is gorgeous (the translation is excellent!), the MC has arrived at some major turning points:

  1. He decides to return to Matyas’s home in Hungary, bringing with him Matyas’ few possessions.
  2. He decides to order himself a fine, expensive suit.
  3. Matyas’s older sister tells the MC: “I won’t do anyone the favor of keeping quiet.”

Good for her! You go, sister! (Her name is Patricia, which happens to be self’s middle name; it’s self’s paternal grandmother’s name, who died when Dear Departed Dad was 16. He was in boarding school in Manila. Long story)

Seriously, this novel is so sad. Not only because the MC has clearly lost someone he loves, but because there is such coldness from their employer. Eight days after the death, the MC gets word that the search has officially been called off. He knows it never started.

In the meantime, the reader is treated to very precise renderings of the following places: Tangier, Madrid, Budapest, and an oil rig named Ocean Monarch, somewhere in the Atlantic.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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