Translated from the German by Anne Posten

A love affair of sorts on an oil rig!

Self forgets how she came to hear about this novel, it must have been a literary award list. It’s her first novel by a German writer in aaaaaages. And it is Kampmann’s first novel.

Chapter One, Westerly:

  • He sat erect, ignoring the jibes that the crane operator was bellowing from the next table like a fat pig. Shane showed off for the new guys, barking at the floorhands to put more chemicals in the drilling fluid, to bring him water, or to hose down the deck again and again. Only when they sat weak and exhausted next to him, enduring his crude jokes, did his face take on the air of absence that for him signaled satisfaction. Then he could sit there as if his eyes were made of glass.

So far 2021, she’s read three books and loved one: The Relentless Moon, Book # 3 of the Lady Astronaut Series, by Mary Robinette Kowal.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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