No Rules Rules, pp. 124-125

Self is enjoying this book much more than she thought she would. To be honest, she found the early going pretty dull. She lives IN Silicon Valley and meets people like this on a regular basis, there is nothing fascinating about people who work in high-tech. (So why did she choose to read this book? Uh. Could it be because she subscribes to Netflix?)

But, somewhere around p. 50, she found that some of the bullet points of do’s and dont’s could be applied to her own life. Amazingly, there was relevance!

Now she’s reading about how open-ness and admitting one’s mistakes is a good thing, it can heighten your employees’ loyalty. (Hey, boss is human!)

But not in all cases. If you are perceived by employees as a strong and capable leader, admitting your mistakes will only enhance your image.

If, however, you are regarded as weak, admitting your mistakes will only make you appear more weak.

Lesson: You’ll want to build trust in your competence before admitting your mistakes.

In other words, try not to make too many mistakes in the beginning?


Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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