NO RULES RULES: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention, by Reed Hastings with Erin Meyer

Self will be up-front: She only got two chapters into To Start a War. She knew the book would be critical of Dubya, but what she didn’t anticipate was how little the criticism would mean to self, now that she’s experienced the utter failure of Trump.

She turned to her next book: No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention, written by Netflix founder Reed Hastings and business writer Erin Meyer.

From the Introduction:

  • It was not obvious at the time, even to me, but we had one thing that Blockbuster did not: a culture that valued people over process, emphasized innovation over efficiency, and had very few controls.

Oh, no. Did author Erin Meyer just write that one of the keys to the success of Netflix was “very few controls”? She’s been so spooked by Trump and the fact that the GOP took the guardrails off for 4 years that a phrase like “very few controls” is forever linked, in self’s mind, to Trump. And look at how well that turned out. We escaped his Presidency by the skin of our teeth. People were counting down the time remaining in terms of hours.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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