The Restless Moon: Halfway

CNN has been turned off for the evening. There is nothing like settling down with a good book on the first (or second) Friday after the insurrection, dressed in yesterday’s jammies. YAY!


Nicole, the Lady Astronaut, is on the moon while her husband Kenneth, Governor of Kansas, is back on Earth, having just announced his candidacy for President. Self keeps wondering if he’s having an affair, he is so Zen with his wife’s frequent absences. Nicole and Kenneth have devised this super-secret code for communicating with each other, but it involves Nicole checking a book out of the Moon Colony library, and that book has just gone MISSING MISSING MISSING (No one ever forgets to return a library book on the Moon?)

Nicole frantically searches the library’s shelves, and realizes she is being observed by the two other people in the library, who are also both on Nicole’s list of suspects — AWKARD! There is a terrorist who is sabotaging the program and causing rockets laden with vaccine to explode (The saboteur’s code name is ICARUS. Hell to the yeah!). Oh yes, self forgot to mention that there is an outbreak of polio on the moon, and since the rocket that was to deliver the vaccines to the Moon blew up, there is no vaccine. (Today, it was announced that, contrary to White House claims, there ARE NO VACCINES IN RESERVE — synchronicity much?)

The most ‘chill’ soldier on the Moon (whose great biceps Nicole has been admiring, despite the fact that she is happily married), Curt, falls over and loses the use of his legs because — of all people to be stricken with polio!

Anyhoo, this book is very exciting, self was supposed to return it in a few days, but she’ll try and stretch out her reading of it — to about a week.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe. And remember: it is okay to wear jammies while the insurrection.

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