Sentence of the Day, 2nd Wednesday of 2021

Silicon Valley’s moves to eject President Trump from social media represent a display of power the companies have avoided making for nearly four years.

— “Big Tech Firms Flex Muscle With Bans” by Sarah E. Needleman and Georgia Wells, Wall Street Journal, 11 January 2021

6 thoughts on “Sentence of the Day, 2nd Wednesday of 2021

    1. No, it means they didn’t want Trump to retaliate by passing legislation detrimental to them. They knew he’d do it. His tweets were so abusive, the language was awful. It was well past time for him to be scrubbed.


      1. So, to reiterate, you believe censorship is valid? I’m concerned that they are no longer forums of thought but editors and publishers. This seems like a definitional difference of their role IMHO.


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