MILD SPOILER: Heaven, My Home p. 169

This book is taking forever for self to read! She used to read so fast: a book a week, even when she was working full-time. But now, when she’s really enjoying a book, she can only get through a handful of pages a day.


Black Texas Ranger Darren Matthews has been given a complimentary suite in a Victorian hotel in downtown Jefferson, Texas. The owner of the hotel is also a suspect in MURDER, LOL. In addition, he finds out (after noticing a constant parade of tourists taking pictures of his room windows from the street, on into the wee hours) that the room is reputedly haunted. How very passive-aggressive of the hotel owner/murder suspect!

After a long day spent interviewing witnesses and chasing down leads, Darren returns to his room to find his wife:

  • . . . why was his wife dressed for debauchery but also wearing reading glasses and flipping through a manila file folder with a Bic pen clamped between her teeth? He had the fleeting thought that the security at this hotel was troubling enough that he should consider a change of venue, as now two people had walked into his room without a key.

Will wonders never cease? This is the most ENTERTAINING mystery self has read since Ruth Rendell.

Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.

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