Lens-Artists Challenge # 110: Creativity in the Time of COVID

Self was inspired by this Photo Challenge (Creativity in the Time of COVID) to give a shout-out to the USPS.

She bought a sheet of first-class stamps commemorating the Harlem Renaissance. Aren’t they beautiful?


She receives all her literary journals through the USPS. Here’s the latest delivery: the Win/Spr 2020 issue of Calyx Journal, one of the oldest women’s presses in the United States, founded by her friend, Dear Departed Margarita Donnelly (She put the whole thing, she told self, on a credit card):

Cover Art: Dale Champlin’s “Mother Nature.”


Finally, Filoli Garden, in Woodside, is one of the area’s most beautiful gardens. The current art installation is by Kristine Mays. Here’s a picture self took on a visit to Filoli in July.


Stay safe, dear blog readers. Stay safe.



12 responses to “Lens-Artists Challenge # 110: Creativity in the Time of COVID”

    • I was so happy I got to share the work of some fantastic women artists! I looked to see if Dale Champlin has a website, but she doesn’t. I love her Mother Nature, too. I believe it’s collage.


  1. It’s wonderful that you highlighted the USPS and Calyx. I haven’t taken a look at the journal in a while, but the quality of the work is always so high. I’m glad you support them.


  2. That’s wonderful! I didn’t know you were published. I’ll take a look at your bio. And yes, the USPS mailman here is also very stressed. He complained about his shortened hours and the amount of work he can’t finish in a day. What were your books about?


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