Though Caliban’s War opens slow, and there is some angst-y stuff that feels like filler, when the action moves to Jim Holden and his rag-tag crew, the narrative gets thrilling. The big battle comes, and self ends up marveling at the authors’ ability to put us right there.

Avasarala and Bobbie Draper are such interesting characters, and the absence of Miller is a good thing because otherwise he’d just be going on endlessly about Julie Mao. One book with a lovesick detective is okay, two would have driven self permanently away from the series.

p. 528:

  • Avasarala opened her eyes again. She tried to feel something besides great, oceanic sorrow. There had to be hope in there somwhere. Even Pandora got that much.

Though Caliban’s War doesn’t have the Grade A pacing of Leviathan’s Wake, its characters are so deeply human and flawed and vulnerable that you can’t help rooting for them. Also, there is an organism.

Stay safe and read more books.

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