Love Letter: Am Writing (Historical Fiction)

Dorotea has a very complicated backstory. She is high-born; her parents were taken by the plague; she was adopted by Matias’s family, who then treated her as a servant:

To Dorotea, My Love,

 Indeed, you were a somber, quiet child, who rarely smiled. But I cannot blame you for that, as you were left orphaned at a very young age. I heard mother remark that you were strong, and quick for your age. Whatever task you were given, you performed with cheerful energy. 

And then they put you to work in the kitchen. I grew up watching you fetch, carry, and scrub. I never heard a word of complaint from you. You swept floors, you did the washing – not just of my family’s, but of the other servants. Yet you never complained.  

You served others first, and then washed their plates. Your room was a straw pallet by the hearth. A dog should have been treated better. If the highest form of prayer is patience and humility, then, Dorotea, your place in Heaven is assured.

The only time anything like emotion could be seen on your face was during the singing of the psalms. Then, you seemed to forget yourself entirely, casting aside your shyness to raise your voice, loud and strong, and so heavenly was your voice that I could feast on its memory for a week. Nay, a month!

Do you remember that day when I found you sitting by yourself in the courtyard?

Am Writing Historical Fiction: Letter to Brother Matias from Dorotea (His Secret Love)

Dorotea writes from Spain. She is high-born and literate, a rarity for those times. Also: she is married to Matias’s brother (She has

Self’s MC, Matias, is a missionary on Isla del Fuego, a mythical island in the central Philippines.

January 19th 1671

Dear Matias,

I write this by the light of a weak candle, looking out the window at the morning star. It seems to wink at me. My God, I have not been able to sleep, not since your mother’s illness. Now, the year has turned, I force myself to pick up a quill and write to you. Her cheeks were still ruddy a week ago. Yesterday, her eyes were dull as marbles. Forgive me, my dear, for I must cause you pain.

Jury Selection, O. J. Simpson Trial

The Run of His Life: The People vs O. J. Simpson, p. 188

In ordinary circumstances, government lawyers do little to prepare for jury selection in a criminal trial. Prosecutors’ offices almost never have the funds to hire jury consultants …

Simpson’s lead defense lawyer, on the other hand, hired the best jury consultant in Los Angeles.

Here’s what self is wondering: how could a second-tier celebrity like O. J. Simpson afford a team of lawyers as high-powered as these? Shapiro worked with a team of hand-picked lawyers. He also drew up a list of expert witnesses that included the jury specialist, the psychologist etc etc

Self sincerely hopes Toobin includes a section on how much the lawyers were paid. They got Simpson his freedom, self wonders what the price tag was? What exactly is the price tag of a great defensive team?

Self would love to read a book about the Harvey Weinstein trial. Because Weinstein presumably went with the very best lawyers, too. But the outcome for him was so very different from Simpson’s.

Stay tuned.

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