“What Is Going On?”

The Simpson housekeeper who tried to send the police away after O. J. just delivered a beating to his wife brings to mind the sister in The Invisible Man, the one who insists, while the MC (played by a terrific Elizabeth Moss) is obviously shaken and upset and they are sitting in a car in the middle of a deep, dark, narrow road in the middle of a deep, dark night: “What is going on? What is going on? What is going on?”

Ugh. Self wanted to kick her! Dear Sister: Do you think you could hang on to your curiosity just a little bit longer. Perhaps until you get to a safe place? JUST DRIVE.


But then, this is a horror movie. In a horror movie, there must always be An Obtuse Character You Want to Kick. This might be a blonde cheerleader. Or an Asian male. Or Samuel L. Jackson standing with his back to a shark tank.

Stay tuned.

Code-Two High: The Run of His Life, pp. 51- 52

Officer John Edwards and his partner, a trainee named Patricia Milewski, go to Brentwood to check out a 911 call. Edwards presses a buzzer, a woman indentifying herself as the housekeeper steps out.

She said, “There’s no problem here,” then told the officers to leave.

After a few minutes of this back-and-forth, a blonde woman staggered out from the heavy bushes behind the gate and started yelling to the officers, “He’s going to kill me! He’s going to kill me!” She pounded on the button that opened the gate and then flung herself into Edwards’s arms.

“Who’s going to kill you?” Edwards asked.

“O. J.”

“O. J. who?”

As she got into the squad car, the woman turned and said to Edwards, “You guys never do anything. You never do anything. You come out. You’ve been here eight times. And you never do anything about him.”

Then O. J. walks out of his house, wearing only a bathrobe and screams to the officers, “I don’t want that woman in my bed anymore! I got two other women . . . ”

The officer explains that he is going to have to take O. J. in.

O. J. : “You’ve been out here eight times before and now you’re going to arrest me for this?”

What really kills is that the housekeeper, who witnessed everything, tells the officers to leave. Women who enable abusers are the worst.

Not satisfied with her attempts to keep the police from taking Nicole’s statement, the housekeeper walks over to Nicole, seated in the squad car, and pleads, “Don’t do this, Nicole, come inside.” Then she tries pulling Nicole from the car.

It turned out there were two other women staying in the house, one of whom was having sex with O. J. Neither of these two women tried to help Nicole while O. J. was beating her.

Enablers are bad, but women enablers are the worst. Here’s looking at you, housekeeper! And the two women houseguests. The sounds of the beating must have been heard all over the house. O. J. said it was “a mutual-type wrestling match.”

The police discussed the case with prosecutors. They found O. J.’s explanation credible (That’s like asking a murderer for his version of events and then putting more credence on the murderer’s version than the victim’s because … well, because the victim’s dead. Or might as well be): “If this was just a … drunken brawl after a New Year’s Eve party, a prosecutor” said, “then maybe they should just let it drop.”

The police steer Nicole Simpson towards “mediation” rather than prosecution. That was pretty much the day Nicole Simpson’s fate was sealed. If she had filed charges, she might still have been killed by O. J., but at least he’d be in jail.

Nicole Simpson had called the police eight times. No one thought she should file charges.

Let me put it this way: No woman waits in the bushes for the police to come, with a black eye, and a lump on her forehead, and a cut lip, from “mutual drunken wrestling.” Why they put more credibility on his version than hers is beyond me. Maybe they liked watching USC football too much?

There was one woman police officer who came to the house that night, but she was a trainee. Doubt she would contradict her superiors.

Stay tuned.

The Run of His Life: The People vs O. J. Simpson

p. 48:

  • Simpson received virtually no education at USC. Even today, he can barely write a grammatical sentence.


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