3 CALIFORNIA CITIES (Tuesday Photo Challenge)

Self loves whenever viveka of my guilty pleasures posts for a new photo challenge.

Yesterday she posted on Tuesday Photo Challenge’s prompt: CITY. She has pictures of Chicago, Seattle, Hong Kong, Stockholm, and several others.

Self took the picture below last Saturday, during the Palo Alto Art & Wine Festival.


Here’s a picture of Courthouse Square in self’s very own Redwood City:

Friday, Just before an evening concert, July 2019

Self gave a reading at Philippine Expressions in Long Beach in March 2018. The naval yards are huge. This is the marina at sunset. I have never seen so many boats gathered in one place, virtually stretching to the horizon. My feeling was awe:

Long Beach, California, March 2018

5 responses to “3 CALIFORNIA CITIES (Tuesday Photo Challenge)”

  1. Excellent images, how sad that the attending to the events was so low – do you think it had to do with the mass-shootings, that people avoid events??? So sad, but I understand them. The marina image so beautiful .. love the soft shades in it.


    • I noticed the sparse attendance at the Los Altos Art & Wine Festival in July. What should have been wall to wall people. Palo Alto Art Festival was even sparser. Gilroy seemed sparse too. It’s very disturbing because usually Americans are oblivious to physical danger. I mean, even after 9/11, people just went about their business. I don’t like this new reality.


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