SATISFACTION: Best of Self’s 2017

  • Share a photo of something that brings you satisfaction. It can be monumental, minor, or something in between.

Jen H., The Daily Post

For this post, self decided to kill two birds with one stone. She’ll look back at her fondest memories of 2017 (thus far) — the moments that gave her the most satisfaction.


Going to the Globe and seeing Tristan and Yseult; sorting through old photographs of Dearest Mum; seeing the Eiffel Tower up close; reading her story First Causes at Sixth Engine in Washington, DC; watching Mayerling at the Royal Albert Hall; visiting Cork; Tyrone Guthrie Centre

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

5 responses to “SATISFACTION: Best of Self’s 2017”

    • Oh, wait. I was too much in a hurry to reply. The quote was from ROMEO & JULIET but the play I saw was Tristan & Yseult! (Sort of like Romeo & Juliet — very sad. I cried at the end. So did the people sitting next to me)

      It was AMAZING. Emma Rice (who’s no longer the Director at the Globe; it’s another woman) directed (She directed an earlier version for Kneehigh, her own theater group. They staged it at the Minack in Cornwall). She makes very very inventive use of minimal props. Plus, the on-point updating — the snitch was a pap with a video cam, lol.


      • I know that story, too! Is Yseult the original name? I knew it by Isolde, or maybe that’s just what I remembered. Igraine from the legends of King Arthur was often Ygraine, too.


      • I’m just going by what was in the printed program but I’ve heard it as Isolde too. The story isn’t as famous as Romeo and Juliet but, gah, it’s a beautiful, heartbreaking story. A lot more textured than R & J, IMHO.

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