Montcalm and Wolfe, p. 168: The Defeat of Braddock

This British commander ordered his men, a mix of British regiments and American companies, to stand in line while attacking the French in the woods. He was in an absolute fury when he saw his men taking cover behind trees, unable to withstand the barrage coming from the French and their Indian allies, who were concealed in the woods on either flank. To the credit of the men, a few hundred got up to stand in line.

Braddock himself was mortally wounded. It was said that, “in his last hours, he could not bear the sight of a red coat but murmured praises of ‘the blues,’ the Virginians, and said that he hoped he should live to reward them.”

The Virginians, who were quite sensibly adopting the tactics of their attackers (hiding in trees), stood in line at Braddock’s orders.

Self is sure you can guess how well that turned out.

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