Abandoning Fort Necessity

Washington (all of 21) suffered his first defeat at the hands of the French, 1753.

His pride was humbled, and his young ambition seemed blasted in the bud.

He abandoned Fort Necessity and began a 52-mile retreat to the English outpost at Wills Creek, early in the morning of July 4. With that retreat, “Not an English flag now waved beyond the Alleghanies.”

Nine Indian tribes contributed men to the French victory: “… nearly all the Western tribes drew their scalping knives for France.”

Gosh! This is too darn exciting!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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  1. Kyi said,

    February 28, 2017 at 4:47 am

    Wow–I saw you left something for me on Twitter, but I don’t know how to get to the message or the post. My Twitter was acting up recently too, in that I could not message you and when I did, it was posted on my time line (fortunately only a link) and bf that I cld not make a new tweet, and so I changed my p-word.

    Since you’re the only one I know personally, I was worried someone was using yr Twitter acct to plant a bug on me–In Aug I had great problems with a FB clone–

    wh happens when someone who is on yr list already, a clone of them keeps asking to follow you,

    so now I decline all the requests from ppl I have just followed!

    In researching in Aug, I found Twitter accts also cloned, look exactly like original.

    I had to completely delete my FB as when I put up a new one, in seconds clones of me appeared again, and one artist in Burma has about 21 clones!

    Luke Harding who wrote abt Litvenenko murder also says he has a clone–

    I am glad you still have Anthropologist, I was just wondering if you still have it.


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