The place: Hebron, several years ago. The context: a settler tries to take down a Palestinian flag that a man has put on the roof of his house.

Homeowner: “Why are you coming onto my roof?”

Settler: To take down the flag.

Homeowner: The entrance is over there. Come through there.

Settler: Please.

It turns out the settler “was standing on top of a ladder, fully snarled in the razor wire, unable to go up or down.”

(At this point, you might ask yourself: Did the settler not see the barbed wire? What did he think he was going to do? Did he even bring pliers? )

The homeowner “reached out to untangle” the settler.

There was already a crowd of settlers gathered down below, egging on the man on the ladder. But he’s so tangled up in barbed wire that no matter which direction he goes, he risks getting torn open.

When the homeowner stretched out a hand to help the man get untangled, one of the settlers standing in the street shouted, “Don’t touch him!”

Settler (to Homeowner): You live in Israel, not in Jordan.

Homeowner: What if I came onto your roof (to take down an Israeli flag), would that be good?


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