Dinnertime # 1

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is DINNERTIME:

Share a meal with us.

Here are three memorable meals (Sorry, the shutter on self’s camera doesn’t open all the way, hence the dark bars across all the pictures she takes now).

The first is the reunion of Emily and self, at Chez Mamie on 22 Hanway Street in London. We had been longing for a dinner at our favorite place for almost a year. Self went back to the States, Emily stayed behind to help her daughter, who was filming a big studio picture. (Self’s lips are sealed). She couldn’t believe it when, a few months ago, she got an e-mail from Emily asking if she had any plans of returning to London. She thought Emily had gone home months ago, since she knows the movie wrapped. But, what joy when self sat at a back table of Chéz Mamie, and heard the young woman say: “Your friend’s in the back.” Self went forward to Emily and we hugged, such was our joy at seeing each other again, in the same place where we had met last year.


Eating with Emily at Fabulous Chéz Mamie, 22 Hanway Place, London. We waited for this meal: it was a promise we made to each other when self left London last July.

Next, a picture self took at La Traviata in the Mission, where she and a member of her Squaw Valley Workshop 6 (We were so tight, people! Many of us are still e-mailng each other, almost two years later) met for dinner last December (Her camera wasn’t yet on the blink, hence the picture was normal)


La Traviata in the Mission: The walls are lined with photos of famous opera singers.

Finally, from a visit to Mendocino by Joel Tan and his partner Bunny. We ate at The Mendocino Café on Lansing Street. Food was divine:


Salad with Hummus and Radishes: YUMM

Self Cannot Tell a Lie

In between reading 17th century stuff for novel-in-progress about kick-ass 25-year-old fighting Catholic priest from Murcia, Spain who is sent to the Philippines to fight demons, she is still reading Everlark!

The one she’s reading today has a hapless Peeta sitting behind crush-of-his-life Katniss Everdeen for one entire semester, smelling of patchouli. It seems Peeta’s roommate was very much into the weed and lit up everywhere, and the smell penetrated all of poor Peeta’s clothing so that he nearly lost his wrestling scholarship because his coach assumed he was a pothead. To disguise the smell, Peeta had taken to dousing himself with patchouli, which led to Katniss wrinkling her nose every time he sat behind her. Not only that, he was initiated into a frat and as part of the initiation was made to dye his hair orange and he was so embarrassed that he kept a beaver hat on his head the entire semester. Really? A beaver hat? And Katniss claimed she never noticed him? LOL!

(To be continued)


And Further Thoughts of the Day

Last year, Banff:

“Awww, you’re being so nice. Unfortunately, it won’t do you any good.”

So right! Self, NICE doesn’t count when you’re trying to get a book contract.

Get IN there, tiger! Show your claws, for crying out loud!

For further thought:

Self’s happiness project takes a page from Gretchen Rubin: Compare what you did today to what you did this same day last year.

Right. So far, today’s big achievement is laundry! Laundry! Laundry! Ta-ra!

She flips to her Happiness Project journal and looks up what she did on April 15, 2015: This cannot be! Is this some kind of sick joke?

On April 15, 2015, self wrote: Success! Did humongous load of laundry!

Such a difference a year makes!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Thought for the Day: Live Reality Intensely

With every morning, joy reawakens within me.

— Msgr. Luigi Giussani, from Directions for the Journey to the Meaning of Reality

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