CANDIDE Chapter 25: Candide Visits the Venetian Nobleman,

Candide and Martin took a gondola onto the Brenta and arrived at the Palace of the noble Pococurante. The gardens were well conceived and adorned with handsome marble statues; the architecture of the Palace was fine. The Master of the House, a man of sixty, very rich, received the two sightseers very politely but with very little enthusiasm, which disconcerted Candie and did not displease Martin.

First two pretty neatly dressed girls served chocolate, well prepared with whipped cream

“They are pretty good creatures,” said Senator Pococurante. “I sometimes take them to bed  with me, for I am very very tired of the town ladies, their coquetries, their quarrels, their pettiness, their pride, their follies and the sonnets one must compose on order for them; but after all, these two girls are beginning to bore me a lot.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.



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