WIP: “Oceans”

They’d been preparing for this day for centuries. The day when all remaining humankind must live permanently beneath the ocean waves.

Finally, when it became too painful to breathe the air any longer, the last remaining human colonies began to send pioneers into the deep.

* ****

Why oh why. Are all of self’s writings. So apocalyptic.

She’s always had a deep fascination with oceans, however. Always.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “WIP: “Oceans”

  1. ohh. frighteningly beautiful. i am not really a follower of apocalyptic themes but the lines brought me to the ocean and the prospect of life down under.


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve always been fascinated by stories of the ocean and of the deep. And I’ve always wondered what lies at the bottom of the ocean. My imagination just goes wild trying to imagine it.

      I’ll try and finish this story. Thank you for the comment!


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