Just Before Self Walks to Mendosa’s Harvest Market on Lansing

Rain’s eased up. Good. Self needs to take a walk.

She’s been perusing her trusty notebook. The one she’s hoisted around from New York to Florence to San Francisco to Mendocino. The one where she jots down conversations she happens to overhear.

Here’s one that’s pretty interesting. She was eavesdropping on two young girls, riding the Metro North from Stamford, CT to Grand Central. This was sometime end of summer 2015.

We missed the first train by, like, a minute. Then Rachel found out she left her wallet so thank God we missed the first train. So she ran back to her car, then I found out I didn’t have my driver’s license . . .  sorry, I know we should have been on the train an hour ago. . .

Shit happens.


Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Everlark Fan Fiction of the Day: Game of Thrones/Hunger Games Mash-Up

So excited because self started writing a sequel to First Life, which was published in Juked last July. The way that story ended, Dragon’s grip on reality seemed disturbingly fragile. Especially after what happened to BFF Her. Self’s new story starts the day after First Life ended, in the same classroom with the same teacher, Fire Lizard.

In between writing the sequel, she’s also teaching her on-line class in Essential Beginnings. For breaks, she reads fan fiction.

She just found a really interesting one last week: a Game of Thrones/ Hunger Games mash-up.

Here are the ships:

  • Arya/Gendry (Self mourned the separation of these two in an earlier season of Game of Thrones)
  • Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark
  • Jon Snow/ Ygritte

Elves and Wolves are partners in the war against Humans.

Humans enslave elves and torture them (We are soooo bloodthirsty, we humans)

At this point (since this fan fic is just getting started), self has no idea who is who, but these are the characters (Not all are elves; self thinks it’s safe to say Shaggywolf is — ehem — a wolf!)

Crow * Wildwind * Flame * Snowbird * Highbranch * Longheat * Crow * Shaggywolf

Flame’s father and oldest brother have died, so she is next in line to lead her tribe, “but she’d rather leave that mantle to her brooding cousin who loves to sit and watch and think about everything. Sitting on a thornbush seems like more fun than leading a tribe.”

Hmmm, Flame sounds a bit like Katniss? She could also be Arya.

As the story opens, the humans have captured an elf. They start drumming, which means the process of torture has begun.


Self will read on. If she can watch The Revenant, she can read about elf torture.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Life Imitates Art: Rothko and Sunset, Mendocino Village


Every painting by Rothko is about boundaries. Self forgets where she heard that.

Below, sunset in Mendocino Village: orange sky and dark horizon, earth and sky. It did remind self of a Rothko:


Sunset, Mendocino, February 2016

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

The Walking Dead, Sunday, 14 February 2016

Self has developed a taste for “The Walking Dead,” ever since she caught three seasons on a long airplane flight.

Last Sunday: excellence


First of all, the episode featured multiple story lines, all united around this single event: The zombies break through the walls of Sanctuary! It’s like that Jay Gould book about the Dodo where he writes: Isolation breeds extinction. Self truly believes that.

Back to “The Walking Dead”: Pods of people are stuck in their homes, watching as the zombies target home after home. The experience  — nail-biting AAARRGH!

Two families decide to make a run for it. Self is all in favor of this plan. They almost succeed (faking zombie-hood by rubbing zombie detritus all over their clothing) when a kid begins to have a meltdown. His mom pleads with him not to stop walking. But he’s gone. He’s gone unhinged. While the mother keeps a firm hold on the young boy’s hand, the first bite comes, then another. Self thought nothing could equal such dreadfulness. Until the mother, who’s in shock, who still won’t let go of her son’s hand, gets attacked, too. And that was dreadful to the nth power. She was beautiful, this woman. But that’s nothing compared to the depth of her courage.

But, to the zombies, she’s just another piece of meat. Next!

So now there’s only one member of that little family alive. And he hangs back out of confusion. Indecision = extinction. He gets taken down, too.

And then our hero, in utter anguish, keeps doggedly plowing on through a sea of zombies, holding his own son by the hand. And he makes it, he makes it! And then the son turns to face the father and — he’s a zombie. Or, at least, he’s lost his eyes somewhere.


Self just wanted to die.

If self had to watch while people she loved got bitten to death, she’d lose her mind. She would never be able to continue living. The people in “The Walking Dead” must be tough as nails. Because it’s been, what, seven or eight seasons now? And they are still able to live, make tough decisions, and want to live some more.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


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