Love in the 21st Century

Everlark fan fiction, be warned.

(The words are from a story self stumbled on this afternoon. Pretty clever stuff!)

Prof. Katniss Everdeen and Prof. Peeta Mellark are rivals for the same big, fat national research grant (Like the MacArthur? Only big and fat? And not for “geniuses”?)

They send each other “challenge” messages.

TO:  Everdeen, K.

A newcomer like you to the field of Panem History has no hope of winning it. I’m only sending you this note to save you time and potential future humiliation.

TO: Mellark, P.

If I were you, I would worry less about any potential humiliation I might face and more about covering your own ass.

P.S. I’m not a Miss. I’m a professor, with a doctorate in the history of Appalachia.

TO: Everdeen, K.

They still talk about my dissertation at Harvard.

TO: Mellark, P.

If you need tutoring help I’m available Tuesdays between 3 and 5 p.m.

TO: Everdeen, K.

Friendly advice: coming out of the gate too strong is a bad idea in teaching. You’ll tire yourself out before fall break is even here.

P.S. I wrestled in college, just so you know.

TO: Mellark, P.

Your observation RE: tiring myself out is timely, given that I’m running the Chicago marathon this weekend. My bib # is 1213.

TO: Everdeen, K.

I watched part of the Chicago Marathon on television this weekend but I didn’t see you because I don’t know what you look like. You have a ridiculously small online footprint, Professor. You know this is the 21st century, right?

P.S. We totally kicked your asses in football last Saturday.

Stay tuned.


Sylvain Landry Week 31 Photo Challenge: TIME

Boy does self love Sylvain Landry’s Photo Challenge.

She picks just one photo (as opposed to the three she loads for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge)

This week’s theme is TIME.

And here’s a picture from a coffee shop on New York City’s Upper West Side, Oct. 2015. She had her notebook open. She carries a notebook with her everywhere so she can jot down random musings as she goes through her day.

No matter how busy she is, she always manages to take down notes on what she observes around her:


New York City, Upper West Side Coffee Shop, October 2015

Self would describe this process as “layering” — enriching present experience by forcing her to observe details of what’s around her, no matter how mundane. It’s a way of forcing herself to slow down, to savor the moment.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Buzz Bissinger’s “Call Me Caitlyn” (Vanity Fair, July 2015)

Pardon, dear blog readers. Self is only now catching up with her Vanity Fair subscription. She’s been itching to get to the July 2015 issue, the one that has Caitlyn Jenner on the cover, in the white bustier (There is absolutely nuthin’, apparently, that can be done with the meaty thighs. Onward!)

Let’s see, where was self in July 2015? London.

Here’s what the article’s author, Buzz Bissinger, has to say about his subject:

This is the most remarkable story I have ever worked on in 38 years as a journalist, the only writer in the world with unlimited access to Jenner for a story of global interest, witness to the final months of one of the most iconic male athletes before he disappears and a woman appears in his place. I spent hundreds of hours with the man over a period of three months. Then I spent countless hours with the woman. It was initially weird, and virtually anyone who says it isn’t weird is giving themselves far too much credit.

And that, dear blog readers, is such disarmingly charming writing.

Stay tuned.


Vibrant 3: Venice, November 2015

The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week is VIBRANT.

Self thinks the photos below, which she took in Venice in November 2015, vividly fit the bill:


Throng, San Marco Square, Venice: November 2015


Red Coat Woman, San Marco Square, Venice: November 2015


Sidewalk Café, San Marco Square, Venice: November 2015

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


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