Stalker Delly Fic: Crushing It

Began a fic about Cheating Peeta on Dec. 7.

It was supposed to be a one-shot. It’s now 40+ chapters and 30K words.

The idea of a Cheating Peeta is so delicious.

Self got a storm of negative comments at first (Is this even Peeta? This Peeta is NOTHING like the Peeta in The Hunger Games! Maybe you should call him something else? Also, WHY would Peeta cheat on Katniss? Is this possibly a modern AU version of Hijacked Peeta?) but she noticed that the number of views she was getting for this story were very high. And the comment feed just kept growing. And growing. And growing. Three weeks later, Cheating Peeta rules! More comments than any new story posted last month. Even beat out Vampire Peeta! Who knew?

Today, she had Delly going ape over Peeta in a Starbucks, dousing him with scalding coffee. Because she was overcome with jealousy watching him have coffee with Prim (Katniss herself is in Cambodia. Why? Because self doesn’t think there’s a single fan fic set in Cambodia? No, she knows there is not a single fan fic set in Cambodia!), not to mention that Philz was just two blocks away, why’d they have to choose Starbucks?

Suddenly, after posting today, self started getting comments like: Boy, that is one whack job. She’s not only a whack job, her therapist is a whack job. No, actually, everyone in your story, including Cheating Peeta, is delusional and ought to be committed.


Stay tuned.

Stanford East Asian Studies

Self has never been to a Stanford Alumni Homecoming. Not one. Even though her house is only six miles from Stanford.

Today, to honor how her parents supported her through a masters in East Asian Studies, concentration in Chinese, she picks up one of her East Asian Studies textbooks: China’s Imperial Past: An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture, by Charles O. Hucker.

p. 208:

The Buddha won converts in part because it is clear that his was an electric personality. But he also had a superb intellect, and his conception of the human condition was at once breathtakingly brilliant and utterly simple. Its essence is: There is no Brahma; there is no Atman. What keeps you in this world of illusion, propelling you from one life to the next, is no more than your own craving for existence and for self-ness. If you really want to get off the merry-go-round of endless suffering and rebirth, then realize you are on it only because you want to be. To get off, all you have to do is let go!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


The $40 Burger in San Francisco

OK, you know what, dear blog readers? Self is suddenly so repulsed at the idea of a $40 burger anywhere in San Francisco that she won’t name the place. The San Francisco Chronicle says “it’s a good burger, if nothing life-changing.”

And self thought the $24 she ended up paying for a cheeseburger in Manhattan was outrageous!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

AMERICAN RUST, p. 80: Lee’s Point of View

Self is really enjoying this novel. It’s one of those with a chapter devoted to a different point of view. Usually, she is impatient with this method, as it seems to be a very convenient “out” for a writer who doesn’t want to be bothered with the intricacies of plot. But so far, she’s loving it. Especially the women’s point of view. She liked “Grace” and now she likes “Lee.”

Here’s a longer-than-usual excerpt from the “Lee” point of view:

To help her get to sleep she decided to read in front of a fire. She opened the flue and piled some logs on the grate and put newspaper under them and lit the paper but after the paper burned out the logs were just smoldering, no real heat or flame. The smell of smoke filled the house and she opened the windows so the smoke detectors wouldn’t go off. She was an idiot, really, how she’d managed to grow up in Pennsyltucky, for Christ’s sake, it was embarrassing. Maybe before she left she would ask her father to do that, teach her to shoot one of his handguns, tin cans in the backyard or something. That was something he’d be happy to do.

Looking through the books she’d brought, she picked up Ulysses, but couldn’t figure out where she’d stopped. She wondered if it was really such a great book if you could never remember what you’d just read. She liked Bloom but Stephen Dedalus bored the crap out of her. And Molly, she’d skipped ahead to read that part.

Self thinks it is so unusual to encounter a character who picks up Ulysses to read and continues reading simply for the parts about self-pleasuring?

And BTW self is really crushing the Cheating Peeta fan fic right now. She began three weeks ago, and has gotten it up to almost 30,000 words. It’s a very angst-y story that takes place on two continents. And for much of it, her Katniss and Peeta aren’t even together. Conveniently, she knows how to wield interior monologue. She wields it so often, in fact, that she has readers complaining about how self’s story has reduced them to “angry tears.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.



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