Capitol Peeta

So this one’s an old fan fic that self wrote last Christmas (Christmas because — what else is there to do when everyone’s going Holiday shopping and self is just bored out of her mind listening to Christmas carols all day?). It’s a very dark story, but for some reason, despite its being so dark, the appeal has continued to endure and she still gets hits for it. Like today.

It’s 48 chapters, 52,000 words.

On one of Capitol Peeta’s visits back home to 12, he broaches the idea of expanding the family bakery: “putting in chairs and tables so that people can sit and relax while they have their coffee or tea. Expand the menu. Savory pies would be good and — who would his father trade with for the meat? It would have to be with one of the hunters from the Seam.”

Peeta’s father says: “Son, is this — all this — because of her?”

This is what’s running inside Peeta’s head (and self got the idea for the paragraph all in one rush, completely un-edited):

Classmates in school. That was a long time ago now, Peeta. Singing of The Valley Song. Knowing his father loved his mother once. Watching Gale get closer. Himself being reaped. Working. The Capitol. Seeing her occasionally in the town or at the Hob. Feeling fresh desire. Knowing Gale’s temper. Witnessing Gale’s temper. The scrawny little boy who calls her Mother. The hard winter.

Sometimes, self imagines the Capitol looking something like this:


The New York City High Line: December 2015

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.



Never in the History of Everlark Fan Fic

This is definitely a first, dear blog readers!

Self has succeeded in creating a veritable tsunami of hate for Peeta Mellark, baking god, transformed in self’s latest fic into Cheating Peeta, the no-good husband of beloved English high school teacher Katniss Everdeen. Peeta is the youngest son of an iconic family, owners of one of the oldest bakeries in San Francisco (dating from Gold Rush days), Mellark’s, whose swank offices overlook the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marina.

Comments re: new story featuring Delly “Fatal Attraction” Cartwright!

Why does Peeta keep f___ Delly for heaven’s sake what is this nonsense may Peeta AND Delly both be struck by lightning!


That means it’s working! It’s working! Self’s fan fic is definitely hitting the mark!

But first, more chees-y drama featuring pink-ensemble-loving Delly and her OSK (OPERATION SABOTAGE KATNISS!)

In self’s skilled intrigue-generating hands, Delly’s favorite perfume, White Shoulders, is all over the duvet in Katniss and Peeta’s bedroom!


*     *     *

Side Note: Christmas is a heavenly time for Everlark fan fic. A majority of the authors seem to hold back their latest installments for the week before Christmas and then unleash! Self is all like YAY! The Kraken’s been unleashed! Seriously, would you rather be snarling over parking spaces at the mall or reading fan fic in bed? Is that even a choice???

One of self’s all-time favorite fics dropped today, and this comment was typical:

*pained groaning * Oh my goodness. Just kiss each other. IT’S BEEN A YEAR. SHUT UP AND KISS.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Gathering 2: Different Kinds

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is GATHERINGS.

First: a gathering of tables glimpsed on New York’s High Line, a few days ago.


Outdoor Seating at Terroir, a Restaurant on the High Line


An Outdoor Café in San Marco Square, Venice: early November, 2015


The plaza in front of the Santa Maria dei Fiori in Florence: early November, 2015

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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