Tell Your Stories, My Dear, You Have So Many of Them

So here’s yet another one.

Dearest Mum was a child prodigy who won The New York Times Piano Competition when she was 13 or 14. Self will find that New York Times article if it kills her! Kills her! She played in Carnegie Hall! Self has a picture of Dearest Mum standing on the stage and taking a bow. She’s in a cute little black dress, white socks, and black Mary Janes. And behind her is a full orchestra.

Carnegie Hall is celebrating its 125th Anniversary with Carnegie Hall Stories. If you have a story that involves Carnegie Hall, now is the time to drop them!

The closest she has come to writing about this family history is in the story “Lizard,” when she has Dearest Mum presenting with a kind of incubus stuck to her back. So heartwarming, self always goes for the cozy and reassuring, in life as well as in art!

That story’s in her first book, Ginseng and Other Tales From Manila.


Ack! Capitol Peeta, Need Beta!

This morning, on a whim, self decided to see if she could find herself a Beta. Maybe then, she thought, she will get to finish at least one of her Hunger Games fan fics.

Self finds a site that lists all the Betas in the known universe, browses by title, finds the one for The Hunger Games, clicks on that, and up pops:

a list of 2,683 names

Yowza! These are people who have volunteered their extra time and/or writing expertise to help you finish your Hunger Games fan fic. And they come from all over the world.

Self is quite amazed. There are Betas for 1984 and A Christmas Carol, Betas for A Farewell to Arms and A Room With a View, Betas for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Alice in Wonderland, Betas for Angela’s Ashes and Anne of Green Gables, Betas for As I Lay Dying and Atlas Shrugged, Betas for Atonement and Beowulf, Betas for the Bible and Black Beauty, Betas for Bleak House and Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Betas for Brave New World and Canterbury Tales, Betas for Catch-22 and Catcher in the Rye, Betas for Cat in the Hat and Charlotte’s Web, Betas for Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Chronicles of Narnia, Betas for Coraline as well as Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

The list never ends. It just goes on and on and on and on and on.

Self can’t even.

Will the hunt for a Beta take self down a Rabbit Hole? Seems like it already has!

Whoever said that the internet would bring about the death of books and reading clearly did not know what he/she was talking about.

Stay tuned.

Crisis Time for Vampire Peeta!

Self knows, she knows. She should be thinking of Chrriiistmas! Especially since she’s in New York and the Christmas decorations are extremely ostentatious!

Today she walked around Central Park and it was SO warm.


A Gorgeous Day: Central Park, December 2015

There’s a building off a little to the right that has a very distinctive (Art Deco?) design. She wonders: could that be the famous Dakota, the apartment where John Lennon lived?

Then she started reading more of Vampire Everlark.

Katniss, Peeta’s spinsterish secretary, seems to have gotten under Vampire Peeta’s skin somehow because he insists that she has to accompany him to a Christmas party.

(Good Lord! Sirens shrieking all over the Avenues, police cars and fire engines and what not! Self can’t help forming nightmare scenarios in her head! But, on to the task at hand!)


Admiral Paylor is an important business contact of Peeta’s, but she doesn’t show up until hours in, by which time Peeta is ready to leave the party and go home. Katniss persuades him to stay, however, and just when Paylor and Peeta are about to retreat to a private room to discuss business, they hear:


Admiral Paylor says, “A choir! Oh, I just love choirs! Let’s wait and watch . . . “

Peeta being stiff-upper-lip and stoic, but Katniss (because she’s a very efficient secretary) is very attuned to the fact that every time Peeta hears church singing, he starts getting weaker and weaker!

Katniss’s Inner Monologue:


The seconds and minutes are excruciating, every time they finish a song I just hope it’s the last one, but they go on for an hour and a half . . .

An hour and a half!

When self read that, she was just about to die, along with Vampire Peeta! Anyhoo, Peeta is very minimally upright by the end, as dear blog readers can well imagine!

Stay tuned.


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