Manhattan Stories 2

The line for Star Wars is incredible. Starts on 55th and 7th. Winds around 55th to 6th Avenue. Goes down 56th. Self can’t even.

Lucky for the faithful standing in line, it is a warm night in New York City.

Do you know that you can have a lamb falafel doused with yogurt and spicy sauce for only $7? And it will fill you up as much (if not more) as a fancy meal at wherever?

Also, sidewalk vendors sell cans of soda and ginger ale for $1 apiece. In the hotels, that same can of soda will cost you $3.

Sting is singing at Carnegie Hall. Average price for a ticket: $200.

A homeless woman walks into an Upper West Side Nail Salon and demands a pedicure (How does self know she isn’t just jumping to conclusions? How does self know that the woman is really homeless? Well, right. Self really doesn’t know. Just because the woman’s pushing a filthy shopping cart! She could be the Queen of Park Avenue for all self knows!) Self’s heart drops in empathy for the nail technician who’s been selected to perform this onerous task.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


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