Oops! WordPress Daily Photo Challenge

  • ‘Tis the season to revel in photographic and/or photogenic disasters.

WordPress Photo Challenge for the week is OOPS!

Self doesn’t know if the below pair of pictures qualify as disasters, but she was trying to capture a tiny American flag that she saw through a window. It was very far away. She tried to keep her hand steady by pressing against the window glass with her zoom lens. She was able to bring the flag a lot closer, but there was a reddish tint on part of the photograph, self has no idea why.

Perhaps that is enough of an “Oops?”


Picture # 1 of a U.S. Flag, from a Building in Soho, November 2015


Still the same subject, still the same reddish tint. Self struggled futilely for another 15 minutes before giving up.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Quote of the Day That Is Neither From Self’s Nephew or Mary Gaitskill

When things get hard, that’s when change happens. That’s the only way they can start to get better.

Edvige Giunta, a member of self’s East Coast writing group

Love the name Edvige, though Edvige goes by Edi. She’s Italian American and teaches in New Jersey City University.

There is an Italian American Writers Association reading tomorrow in the East Village. Self will go, and have dinner with Edvige after.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Sentence of the Day That Is Not By Mary Gaitskill

In her depressed mind, she sharpened these darts, burnished those grudges until they glistened like copper shields.

— Chris B, Nephew, Teacher, from his novel-in-progress

Chris is in his early 20s, and is the younger brother of Niece G. He went to Tufts.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Sylvain Landry 23: NARROW

Back with a contribution to the Sylvain Landry Photo Challenge, Week 23: NARROW.

This is a building (obs). Not sure what kind. But it is in Manhattan. And it is tall. And it is somewhat narrow (Manhattan real estate is expensive, not sure if air space is free, but it probably is, LOL)


New York City: Skyscraper, Soho

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Mary Gaitskill Convo of the Day (Self Just Can’t Believe the Brilliance)

Still on Story # 4. It is taking her ages. Perhaps, a week from now, she will still be on Story # 4.

Brilliance, Lady, you are brilliance.

Celia to Joel: It’s so interesting. Now that I’m closest to success, I’ve become much less interested in it. I’ve always known that I would be successful, that I just had to work for it. But it was always out of reach, so I obsessed about it all the time. It was a goal. Now it’s more like a natural outcome, another element of my life to be experienced. It’s not even important anymore. There are so many other things in life. It’s silly to be so narrow.

Joel: That’s easy for you to say. Things are always less important once you’re assured of having them.

For years and years, self daydreamed about winning a MacArthur Genius Grant. If only, self would think, if only self had someone who had her back, who would say: As a reward for your immortal contribution to world literature, self, I hereby relieve you of the burden of having to work for a living, forevermore.

Now, after reading that passage from Gaitskill, self feels lucky that she never won. Because it is so much better to be still struggling, to still be looking up towards the goal. Not sliding down the slope on the other side.

But, is it really? If self had won a MacArthur Genius Grant, wouldn’t she be able to afford weekly or even daily massages? (Writers have terrible cricks in their necks. It’s an occupational hazard of the profession. Desk + writing = sore neck). And just think of how many more countries she could visit. Not to mention how much better-looking she would be from having monthly dermabrasions and stomach cleanses.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Mary Gaitskill Sentence of the Day (Still On Story # 4 in BAD BEHAVIOR)

Because self is in New York, everything Mary Gaitskill writes is of great importance to her.

Still on Story # 4 in Bad Behavior, Mary Gaitskill’s 1988 story collection:

The perfume of wealth graced her casually, like grass stains on the skin of a lazy child sleeping in a garden.


Time Warner Center, on Columbus Circle

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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His hair grows long!

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