From George Eliot to Mary Gaitskill

Self is in the closing pages of Middlemarch. Self’s admiration for Dorothea Brooke knows no bounds.

Next on her reading list, Mary Gaitskill’s story collection, Bad Behavior, in which (according to the book’s dust jacket), we enter a world “populated with working-class drug addicts, educated hookers, twisted secretaries, and emotionally stunted professionals.”

Oh, what fun. Self is really looking forward to.

After Gaitskill, self is thinking she might give Philipp Meyer’s debut novel, American Rust, a go. She’s taken a peek and it reminds her a little of Denis Johnson. Uber-Hemingwayesque? There are worse things in life than sounding like Denis Johnson. If American Rust doesn’t work out, she’ll head to the next on her list, a horror book, The Strain, by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. All this, hopefully, before the New Year. What’s so hard? She used to be able to read four or five books a month. This year was pathetic — it took her six months to get through Howard Jacobson’s The Act of Love — but she feels like she might just be regaining her reading mojo.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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