Self Dusting Off Her Hunger Games Everlark Fan Fiction

Self is such an angst-y writer. Her fan fiction has angst up to the gills.

She has two she’s writing concurrently.

One, the one that’s gripped her imagination far more, features Peeta as the Sole Victor, working (ahem!) with Finnick in the Capitol. Katniss is back home in 12, married to Gale. That’s right, self has Katniss marrying Gale.

This is not Galeniss by any means, as Katniss is unhappy.

Aaaargh! There are times when she can’t even stand writing the scenes between that couple.

The Evildoers in her fan fiction are Cray and President Snow.

There is a revolution, but self is 46 chapters in and hasn’t been able to move the revolution forward as its leader, Finnick, has been captured.

She has Gale being framed for the murder of Peeta’s father DUN DUN DUN DUN!

So, here’s a Cray/ Peeta confrontation:

He doesn’t want to be in Cray’s office right now, he hates that Cray sits facing him across a heavy desk, he hates sitting in a stiff-backed chair, he hates all the trappings of authority he can see on the walls of Cray’s office: the Capitol medals, the framed commendations, most of which bear the signature of Snow himself. But most of all, he hates the fact that Cray now has power over Katniss, now that he has Gale in custody. And Peeta is in no doubt what Katniss will have to do if she wants Gale released.

“Yes, Mr. Mellark,” Cray says, with what appears to be totally unnecessary sibilance. “Fine day, isn’t it? Now what can I do for you?”

And there self will leave it for now, as it’s a busy busy busy busy day!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Good Review: Steven G. Kellman (San Francisco Chronicle) on Paul Theroux’s DEEP SOUTH

Self loves Theroux’s absolute adherence to his crankiness, and his courage. His youthful curiosity is still very much alive and present in him.

She remembers a scene in Dark Star where he has to ride in a jeep with various native Africans and they regard him with contempt because why would a man his age still be doing stupid things like taking the most uncomfortable way to get between Point A and Point B, riding with people who have no clue who he is and therefore focus on his age as a point of ridicule. To make things worse, Theroux himself is having the same kind of thoughts: Why is he sitting in this jeep/van with these rude people? Why? But then he goes on to put the scene in a book. That’s what makes him one of self’s favorite travel writers.

An excerpt from the Steven G. Kellman review in the Chronicle:

Theroux spends a year and a half meandering along the backroads of Dixie, primarily the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas. He does not venture into either Florida or Texas, and Virginia is merely a stretch to traverse on his way south from his home in Cape Cod (Now self feels like embarking on a pilgrimage to Cape Cod). Theroux has no interest in the “New South,” the prosperous metropolises of Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville that draw bankers and tourists. Instead, he deliberately seeks out the most neglected and squalid pockets of the region: the Lowcountry of South Carolina, the Black Belt of Alabama, the Mississippi Delta and the Ozarks of Arkansas, finding that its inhabitants, the “submerged twenty percent” are poor in their way — and less able to manage and more hopeless than many people I had traveled among in distressed part of Africa and Asia.

He is a travel writer after self’s own heart, one of the best.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

And STILL More Happy! Saboteur Awards 2014

Just before the Saboteur Awards ceremony and the announcement of the winners (one of which was not self, though she adheres to that old chestnut, an honor just to be nominated, etc etc), there was a small book fair, and self had much fun. Especially as her friend Jenny Lewis kept her company and therefore it was one of self’s happiest memories of 2014:

Book Fair, Jericho Tavern, Oxford, UK: May 2014

Book Fair, Jericho Tavern, Oxford, UK: May 2014

JEEEEENY!!! LEWIS!!!!  She is so FABULOUS !!!!  She is brainstorming a new literary festival for Oxford, UK!

Self is IN, JENNY!  DEFS !!!

Jenny is the grandmother of one of her favorite kids:  ABIGAIL! (She has one other favorite kid. It’s someone who believes in dragons. YAY! ALL children should believe in dragons!)

She dated Michael Palin! She wrote a hit song for a UK Reebok commercial!

She dated Monty Python’s Michael Palin! She wrote a hit song for a UK Reebok commercial!

Finally! Self was able to witness in person the utter fabulousness of Oxford University! All because of her Jenalyn making the shortlist for Best Novella of 2014! Utter fun:

Oxford University, May 2014

Oxford University, May 2014

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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