Boundaries: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is BOUNDARIES.

According to The Daily Post, BOUNDARIES are about “limits . . . whether they’re social constructs or real, physical objects.”

Self’s first example of BOUNDARIES is a map. Maps exist as delineations of boundaries. The boundaries provide essential context (This exists in relation to that, and so forth).

Below is a map of St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin’s most iconic park. The wildlife, the people, the sense of place bring her back over and over again.

A Map of St. Stephens Green, Dublin
A Map of St. Stephens Green, Dublin

Her second example of BOUNDARIES is the balcony railings around the upper tiers of the new Globe Theatre, in London’s South Bank. The balconies are pitched very steeply. In fact, without the railings, a playgoer might experience severe vertigo:

Watching “King John” at the Globe, June or July 2015

Her final example of BOUNDARIES is the bridge over Holborn Aqueduct. Self wandered down there one day last summer, looking for the Church of St. Bride’s, which she eventually found with the assistance of a London cabbie. (Self to Cabbie: “Do you know where St. Bride’s is?” Cabbie: “Hop in.” Self: “Do. You. Know. Where. It. Is.” Cabbie: “Course I know where it is! I’m a LONDON CABBIE.”)

Bridge Over Holborn Aqueduct, Near Fleet Street, London
Bridge Over Holborn Aqueduct, Near Fleet Street, London

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

4 responses to “Boundaries: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. that’s really interesting, i’ll start thinking about it in real life. Boundaries can be so restricting in our society, particularly in creating a ‘them’ and ‘us rhetoric


    • The “them” vs. “us” is not a real boundary. It’s a construct. Made by people who manipulate the language.

      But I think I couldn’t live in a world without boundaries. I need boundaries (self-imposed) to keep me focused.


  2. Such a thoughtful interpretation of this week’s challenge. I really like the the third photo, the London shot. It looked like a lovely day in London. While boundaries give us freedom, at the same time they are there to ground us and at times give us meaning to our lives.


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