Change 3: The Millenium Bridge, The Tate Modern, and Fleet Street

Different worlds in London, Summer 2015:

Self adores London bridges.

No, scratch that. She adores London, period. The old architecture blends so well with the startling modern and new:

Pedestrian Walkway, London, Summer 2015
Millenium Bridge, London, Summer 2015

She adores the Tate Modern, on London’s South Bank. It’s cavernous and huge. Its previous incarnation was as the Battersea Power Station. One day, she walked there with poet Joan McGavin:

The Tate Modern, South Bank, London
The Tate Modern, South Bank, London

London’s Fleet Street used to be the site of all the major English newspapers. Today, many of those papers are no more. Fleet Street has a very contemporary vibe:

Fleet Street, London
Fleet Street, London

She stumbled across this area while on a hunt for St. Bride’s, which author Cassandra Clare said was the site for the London Institute of Shadowhunters in her fan-TAS-tic Infernal Devices trilogy.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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