Quote of the Day: Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is such a Fabulous Goddess of Cinema. She’s the new face of Dolce & Gabbana’s beauty line (Self wants that lipstick!) Here’s a snippet from her answers to “20 Odd Questions” in this week’s “Style & Fashion” section of The Wall Street Journal.

One of my secrets to success is: you should never do too much of one thing. You have to leave people saying, “If she had done even more, it would have been better.” Let them suffer!


Stay tuned.

Self’s Biblical Revisionist “The Ark” (Local Nomad, Spring 2015)

The theme of the Spring 2015 issue of Local Nomad (edited by Filipino American poet Jean Vengua) was: KILLING GROUND.

Jean solicited a story from self; the short story she sent Jean was “The Ark.”


She wrote the story after watching Darren Aronofskly’s wild and fabulous “Noah,” starring Russell Crow and Jennifer Connelly.

  • Cruelty, he taught his sons, was essential.

Animals of all kind fascinate self, she’s not sure why.

Here’s an illustration from a children’s picture book called, simply, The Ark:

Illustration for Children's Book, THE ARK

Illustration for Children’s Book, THE ARK

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Today Was a Good Day: On the Narnia Trail in Rostrevor

Self has never read C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

She has visited Rostrevor, in Northern Ireland. Which, according to Csilla Toldy, a Hungarian poet who lives in Rostrevor, was a place particularly close to C. S. Lewis, a place Lewis has said was the source of much of his inspiration.

The day self arrived in Rostrevor, Csilla took her to The Narnia Trail. This is the first time self had even known there was such a thing.

First, Csilla and self walked through a dark wood.

Then, a great expanse of meadow:

Walking to The Narnia Trail, Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

Walking to The Narnia Trail, Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

Then, the door of a wardrobe suddenly popped up out of nowhere:

Start of The Narnia Trail, Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

Start of The Narnia Trail, Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

And a number of trees with tiny doors:

The Land of Narnia

The Land of Narnia

And — voila! — Narnia!

Beautiful trail.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

What It’s Really Like To Raise a Dragon: ERAGON, pp. 44 – 45

And also, don’t forget, the mind-reading. And self won’t bother typing SPOILERS because Duh, it’s mostly description.

Mind-Reading, p. 44:

. . .  the dragon, in turn, would lightly brush against his mind. These mute conversations filled his working hours. There was always a small part of him connected to the dragon, ignored at times, but never forgotten. When he talked with people, the contact was distracting, like a fly buzzing in his ear.

Creaturely Aspects, p. 45:

If there’s any type of writing at which Paolini particularly excels, it’s when he has to describe the dragon. This dragon is no airy-fairy being, it is hard, and it has sinews and corded muscles, and its teeth are like daggers.

It also produces “giant dung heaps.”

And “had rubbed against trees, stripping off the bark, and had sharpened its claws on dead logs, leaving gashes inches deep.”

(One thing Paolini doesn’t describe, though, is how a dragon smells. Because this dragon is such a creature, self is certain it must have a particular odor. As all earthly creatures do. And despite the mystery of its origin, this dragon is most definitely an earthly creature. But anyhoo.)

Eragon goes to the forest and is able to summon the dragon with his mind. First it appears as “a fast-moving speck in the dusky sky.” Then, it dives, pulls up sharply, and levels off above the trees.

The dragon is no mere symbol or plot device, it’s a real thing. This is how the dragon lands: It banks slowly and spirals “gently down to the ground.” And then it backflaps, and lands “with a deep, muffled thwump.”

Ooh, self likes!

Stay tuned.


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