Everlark Fanfiction Multi-Chapter Story Stalls

Apologies, dear blog readers, this is something she hasn’t posted about in a long time: her avocation for writing Hunger Games Everlark fan fiction (Multi-chapter, loaded with angst. Please do not judge).

She started writing fan fiction late last year, and found it to be an extremely relaxing activity.

First, she made Peeta the hero, and Katniss the supporting player.

Then, she married Katniss off to Gale, and gave them a son.

Then, she had Peeta’s father murdered (by who else but Snow?) and had Gale arrested by Cray (framed for the murder of Peeta’s father). Self suspects she did this solely to have an excuse for Katniss to spend much time in the Justice Building, being interrogated by the depraved Cray. (Readers said self’s Cray was THE most disgusting iteration of that character in anything Everlark. You’d better believe it! She’s had so much practice writing depraved characters in her regular fiction! And BTW, another depraved character is to enter her universe of published work very very very soon, when Juked publishes her story “First Life,” they said mid-July.)

Then she had Haymitch wandering dolorously about District 12.

Then she forced Peeta to marry a career victor from One named Darna.

Then she got responses from readers that they liked Darna; she was like Katniss 2.0

Then, she realized she was not writing Everlark any longer, but Peeta + OOC.

So then, she had absolutely no idea how to proceed. But one of her last scenes was Peeta running flat-out down an avenue of the Capitol, escaping from a pair of suits who behave like Tweedledum and Tweedledee and talk like escapees from a Samuel Beckett play (God, can you believe that self actually mentions Samuel Beckett in connection with Hunger Games Everlark fan fiction???) Peeta gets caught and taken to a train platform. Then he winds up with —  Finnick’s father in the woods of Four ???? And Katniss shows up there, too, and self has no idea how?

Can she just make Peeta a Shadowhunter? That way he has at his disposal all kinds of glamours? So he can run flat-out down a Capitol Avenue and escape from Tweedledum and Tweedledee? (In her fiction, Peeta’s wearing nothing. Because — never mind, long long long backstory. Self’s inspiration was watching Magic Mike.)

This is the kind of thing self is afraid might happen to this novel she is writing now, about a Spanish priest in the 18th century who is assigned a mission to the Philippines. He arrives on an island, witnesses all kinds of un-Christian activity. The wilderness is terrible, loathsome. He can spout the Bible but can he actually save a pirate from being hanged right before his very eyes?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Door: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is DOOR.

The Daily Post prompt: “publish a new post with a photo of a door.”

To which self says, QED!

Because doors fascinate her almost as much as windows do.

The First Door:  Mendocino Village, California

Sweetwater Gardens is a Bed & Breakfast with a fancy restaurant and spa. One of the rooms (someone told her) is in a water tower.


The Second Door: Entrance to the Ceramics Studio at the Mendocino Art Center. Self took the picture during Second Saturday (January 2015): Every second Saturday of the month, Mendocino’s galleries hold little wine-and-cheese receptions and people can stroll in and out of various art galleries.


The Third Door: AMC Ontario Mills Shopping Center, Southern California

Well, technically that’s not a door. Just a representation of one. Apologies!

Actually, that’s not even a representation of a door. Whatever. It’s a portal.


Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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