Will Herondale to the Rescue! pp. 428 – 429 of CLOCKWORK ANGEL (Naturally, Spoilers Galore)

Self would definitely like to be consulted when the movie adaptation finally gets under way. Because she has a thought or two about who should play Will Herondale. This may sound weird but she totally thinks an American could play him. That guy who plays the Penguin in Gotham could (Naturally, without the Penguin make-up). Also, Ben Foster if he were 10 years younger. She considered Logan Lerman — for about 1 minute. No.

No hunks need apply. Now to the excerpt from Clockwork Angel:

Thank the Angel for glamours, Will thought. The sight of a boy riding bareback on a charging black horse down Farrington Road would normally be enough to raise eyebrows even in a metropolis as jaded as London. But as Will went by — the horse kicking up great puffs of London dust as it reared and snorted its way through the streets — no one turned a hair or batted the lash of an eye. Yet even as they seemed not to see him, they found reason to move out of his way — a dropped pair of eyeglasses, a step to the side to avoid a puddle in the road — and avoid being trampled.

It was almost five miles from Highgate to the Institute; it had taken them three-quarters of an hour to cover the distance in a carriage. It took Will and Balios only twenty minutes to make the return trip, though the horse was panting and lathered with sweat by the time Will pounded through the Institute gates and drew up in front of the steps.

Heavens to Mergatroid! Not only that, it appears Will’s feelings are not as hidden from everyone as he thinks. Conversation between Will and faithful servant Thomas ensues:

“She’s alive,” Thomas said, not opening his eyes.

“What?” Will was caught off guard.

“The one you came back for. Her. Tessa.”

!##@@!! (Pause) ##@@@**!!!!!!!

Back to reading.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Enveloped 4: Icy Lake Louise

Lake Louise, View From a Hotel

Lake Louise, View From a Hotel

Lake Louise, Still Encased In Ice

Lake Louise, Still Encased In Ice

Stones Beneath the Ice

Stones Beneath the Ice

Canada, at least here in Banff, is still cold. When oh when will summer arrive?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Love You, Jessamine! And phrase “Inside of a Moment” p.424 of CLOCKWORK ANGEL

Once again, dear blog readers:


All hell breaks loose, members of the Clave are scattered here and there throughout London, battling Vampire covens and armies of clockwork automatons, and, most surprising of all, Tessa Gray’s own brother Nate, who turns out to be working for the Magister, the dastardly man who wants to marry Tessa Gray and use her shape-shifting powers to rule the British Empire.

Got it?


Will and Jem are parabati off in Highgate battling Mrs. Dark and the disembodied head of her sister.

The Clave is off somewhere else, rooting out the last surviving members of De Quincey’s Vampire Band.

The automatons take this opportunity to attack the Institute itself, where the only people left to guard it are Thomas the coachman, two maids, Tessa Gray and Jessamine, who in spite of being a Shadowhunter wants nothing more than to wear nice dresses all day and be someone’s wife. When the gates of the Institute are broken down by an army of automatons, this girl shows her true worth by laying about her with her weapon of choice, her parasol. But then she is hit in the chest by a blast from an automaton and falls to the ground while self goes oh no oh no oh no!

Then Dastardly and Cowardly Nate Grey confronts his own sister, Tessa Gray, and tries to kidnap her for The Magistrate. He has her cornered in a dark hallway. Then, Tessa looks over Nate’s shoulder and sees “a disturbance of the shadows . . . something moving toward them both . . . The figure behind Nate was almost upon them.”

Nate goes blah blah blah “I am not a fool, Tessa — ” then whack! The figure raises “a pale and glimmering object . . . above Nate’s head and comes down with a heavy crash.”

For a moment self thinks it might be Will with one of his seraph blades, Anael perhaps. But no, it is Jessamine with a lamp.

“She prodded Nate’s recumbent form with a disdainful toe.”

Jessamine is fast becoming self’s second favorite character in the series, her first being of course Will Herondale.

And here are the relationships as they stand at this point in Clockwork Angel:

  • Will and Jem are parabati (“blood brothers” and fighters)
  • Will loves Tessa Gray.
  • Tessa Gray loves Will but after he pushes her away (for what reason, self knows not, though she can well see the advantage of keeping the angst going for as long as possible; there are, after all, three books), she starts to fall for Jem.
  • Jem loves Tessa Gray.
  • Sophie the servant girl loves Jem.
  • Thomas the coachman loves Sophie.

My, my, what a pretty kettle of fish!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Excitement: Clockwork Angel p. 406 Spoilers Below


Jessamine! You and your damn parasol! What equipment for a Shadowhunter! Almost as much fun as Colin Firth’s crazy church scene in Kingsman where he demolishes an entire church of Klu Klux Klan worshippers with his brolly! (BTW, self watched “Kingsman” in Fort Bragg and almost everyone in the audience was cheering at the end of that scene!)

p. 406:

Jessamine . . . laid about her with her parasol. The whirling edge of it sliced through the legs of two of the creatures, sending them toppling forward to flop on the ground like landed fish.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.



It was cold today in Banff. Self feels like she is coming down with a serious head cold. Never mind! She has Cassandra Clare to keep her company. Everlasting gratitude to her niece Karina for recommending The Infernal Devices trilogy. Holy holy moly. Only two words fill her vocabulary at this moment:


Cassandra Clare, you are genius.

On p. 387, it is the night of the full moon and the Clave has gone to strike the vampires led by de Quincey (who formed an uncommon attachment to Will’s neck when he was pretending to be a subjugate at the party at which Tessa Gray was channeling a vampire named Charlotte and if that is too much for you just buy the book for heaven’s sake!)

Will and Jem, a flighty girl named Jessamine, two servant girls and Tessa Gray are left alone in the Institute. Suddenly, they receive a very unexpected visit from a mundane named Mortmain (and every nerve in self’s body is screaming, Don’t you put any credence in what this shifty mundane tells you, Will Herondale!)

The following conversation ensues:

Will’s blue eyes were dark and thoughtful. “Thank you for the information,” he said, “but de Quincey will soon be no more of a threat to us, or his mechanical monsters, either.”

Mortmain’s eyes widened. “Is the Clave to move against the Magister? Tonight?”

“Goodness,” said Will. “You really do know all the terms, don’t you. It’s very disconcerting in a mundane.” He smiled pleasantly.

So blah blah blah ensues and Will and Jem decide  to go check out Mortmain’s story. Tessa Gray wants to accompany them but Will tells her she can’t. At which point the following conversation ensues:

She turned her gaze back to Will. “But what about Boadicea?”

For a moment she thought he’d forgotten what he’d said to her in the library. Then the glimmer of a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, as if he’d tried to fight it and couldn’t. “You will be Boadicea someday, Tessa,” he said, “but not tonight.”

And then, chapter ends on a cliff-y!

And the next chapter begins with a quote from Robert Browning, his poem “The Lost Leader”:

Blot out his name, then, record one lost soul more
One task more declin’d, one more footpath untrod,
One more devil’s triumph and sorrow for angels

Dying, dying, dying.

Stay tuned.

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