Chapter 45 of Self’s Hunger Games Fan Fiction: EPHEMERA

Rumor had it they went to Four. Where the other Victor, Annie the Mad Girl, waited.

It’s years and years later, but people still can’t seem to let go of the story.

And what of Finnick, someone asks. That bronzed creature. Of whom tale after tale has been told.

Snow tortured him cruelly, but some lovelorn Capitol wife risked her life to save him. Poor woman, she was brave. She didn’t survive long after they found out Finnick escaped.

Perhaps the only one who’s gotten it right is Primrose Everdeen. She was her sister’s only confidante. The last evening Katniss Hawthorne spent in 12, there was a bitter chill in the air.

People keep asking self for her fan fiction alias.


Must be content with snippets, dear blog readers.

Stay tuned.

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