A Scene From the Latest Chapter of Self’s Hunger Games Fan Fiction

Writing this in New Hampshire. Snow drifts pile high outside. Nashua has no beauty salon, although there is a Supercuts. And one art gallery.

Last night, self attended a reception for the Symphony New Hampshire, which is premiering The Marife Suite. Found out it will be taped. Portions from the dress rehearsal may be uploaded to the Hampshire Symphony website.

Drew invited self to attend the dress rehearsal. But, thinking of her on-line students, she begged out of it (Waking up this morning, however, she greatly regrets that decision)

She opens her fan fiction, and writes:

Finnick is terribly confused. He only prays they don’t lay a hand on Annie. Is she already here? He fears the worst. She might survive, for a time. But they might do things to her — her brain. He’s seen those women wandering around Snow’s room’s as if lost in thought, barely able to remember their own names.

Please, he thinks. Please don’t turn Annie into one of those.

Could he strike a bargain with these people? He’ll do anything to save Annie. He should have known the rebellion wouldn’t work. He’d lost sight of his own greatest weakness.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


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