Hunger Games Fan Fiction for the New Year: Walking Dead Mash-Up?

Self has been reading the work of the fan fiction authors who’ve left kudos on her WIP.

There’s one she’s just begun reading, which may end up being a mash-up with The Walking Dead —  not sure because she’s only a few pages in (She’s read all kinds of fan mash-ups, the worst being perhaps Zombie Peeta).

The title of the work is First We Feast:

If someone were to look inside a vacation brochure or research into any of the typically desired destinations for a trip, Panem would be listed dead last in every regard. Known for its natural resources, it was the most remote and inhospitable of all the states in the country. It didn’t help that the majority of the cities were veritable ghost towns; a failing economy and more than a few ecological disasters had caused a mass exodus of families almost two decades ago. Even now, those who stayed were often abandoned by their children in droves who, once of age, fled to out-of-state colleges and laid down roots elsewhere.

Katniss wasn’t even sure there was a college in Panem, other than perhaps in Capitol City. It was as close to the border of neighboring Virginia as a city could be, and the rest of the state was left in almost wild, natural disarray.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a faded photo, staring down at the church before flipping the picture around.

Twelve Souls Chapel, District 12, Panem. 508 Nightlock Road.

Dun Dun Dun!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


Shadowed: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Below, an assortment of photographs focusing on the WordPress Daily Post’s Photo Challenge of the Week:  SHADOWED.

“Low-light photography can be difficult to get right, but sometimes the absence of light can make for a compelling, dramatic photograph.”

Picture # 1: Putting Away Christmas Decorations

Putting Away Christmas Decorations

Putting Away Christmas Decorations

Picture # 2: Gelato Classico on Emerson, Downtown Palo Alto, Self’s Go-To Place After Watching a Movie at the Aquarius (On this particular evening, self had just walked out of Foxcatcher. Walked out as in — literally WALKED OUT. She couldn’t finish it)

Classico Gelato on Emerson Street, Downtown Palo Alto

Gelato Classico on Emerson Street, Downtown Palo Alto

Picture # 3:  What Was Showing in Aquarius on Dec. 18. Self has seen both CitizenFour and Foxcatcher. CitizenFour was better.

Aquarius: One of the Last Remaining Indie Movie Theaters in Palo Alto

Aquarius: One of the Last Remaining Indie Movie Theaters in Palo Alto

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.


New 4: First Morning in Mendocino, CA

Last night, self found the Mendocino Art Center and stumbled on two artists who took her with them to a bar, where self had the most delicious fish and chips, and a Heineken. And the artists knew almost everyone at the bar, and they were just adorable.

Self was so tired, she couldn’t even unload her car. So she slept in her clothes, and woke up the next day and was still in her clothes, and then walked around the gallery, still in those same clothes. Because she was waiting for the bathroom to heat up. And then she bumped into one of the artists she’d had dinner with last night, but there was no mention of “Weren’t you wearing that last night” because, you know, we artists know we’re all eccentric.

In keeping with this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, NEW, self took an early morning walk to the beach and took along her camera. Here was the result:

You can actually follow Little Lake Street, where the Mendocino Art Center is, all the way down to the beach. That's what self did this morning.

You can actually follow Little Lake Street, where the Mendocino Art Center is, all the way down to the beach. That’s what self did this morning.

More from this morning's walk

More from this morning’s walk

And here’s a glimpse of the table where self has decided to set up her computer and do her writing:

Writing Set-Up, Mendocino Art Center

Writing Set-Up, Mendocino Art Center

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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