Clothesonfilm on “Sons of Anarchy”

Before self hotfoots it to the Red Orchid Theatre to see “Strandline,” her play of the day, she has been mad-googling Chicago area libraries and archives.

And catching up on a few blogs she hasn’t checked for a while. One of these being Clothesonfilm.

Clothesonfilm was the blog that opened her eyes to the importance of

clothes. In. Film. DUH.

Seriously, clothing creates (character). It can disguise (intention). It’s visual poetry.

Reading Clothesonfilm opened self’s eyes to the importance of the long leather coat, especially as worn by a villain (because ominous creaking)

Now, here’s an analysis of the costumes in Sons of Anarchy, the best show on TV that self has absolutely no excuse for not seeing, other than that The Man controls the remote in our house, and she cannot mess up with his channel settings. Ever.

Sons of Anarchy has Charlie Hunnam.

Charlie Hunnam.

She read somewhere a reference to it as “Hamlet on motorcycles.” It was the excuse Hunnam gave to get out of starring in Fifty Shades of Gray (“I don’t want the movie to interfere with my Sons of Anarchy shooting schedule,” he is supposed to have said)

So dear blog readers can picture her sense of anticipation when she lands on Clothesonfilm today and sees that the lead article is on Sons of Anarchy. Admittedly, there’s no mention of Charlie Hunnam in the article. But that’s OK. She loves it. At the end, there’s a reference to this season being the show’s final one. So, that’s it. Self missed her chances. Seven seasons worth of chances. But, she digresses.

Here are some salient points made in the article (written by Lesley Holmes):

  • Katey Sagal plays a club madam named Gemma. Her look is “regal rock chick . . .  badass without looking like a slut. This sexy mama bitch doesn’t need to TRY . . . “
  • The clothing labels used to create this look:  Guess, Seven and Citizen jeans, Frye boots, Elizabeth and James heels, Royal Underground leather jackets.
  • The clothing worn by Gemma and Tara capture their “power within the club. Part of that power is their sexual allure, not just to their partners but to all of the club. Gemma’s interactions with other members of the club are often charged with physical attraction as an element of their respect for her. Just because they don’t often dare actively demonstrate that attraction doesn’t mean that it’s not part of their relationship.”
  • As for the rest of the female cast:  “Ime is that whore who wears Bebe leathers and short booty shorts and heels because she thinks it’s classy.”

As for the bikes:  “US Attorney Lincoln Potter arrives on a Triumph . . . ”  Wow. That surely must make him the coolest US Attorney ever. Ever.

Stay tuned.




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