Leaving Ballyvolane (Boo)

It is fitting that, this morning, it is pouring rain.

She had a huge Irish breakfast:  yogurt, lashings of cream, whole milk, rich coffee, stewed pears and prunes, huge nutty Irish bread, soft butter, fresh orange juice, poached egg — yes, amazing how all of that could fit into self’s not-so-teensy anymore tummy.

There are some really fantastic books here, so self inquired whether there was a bookstore roundabouts, and she was told there is one in the nearby town of Fermoy.  Here’s one she enjoyed browsing through:


Self has never heard of Darina Allen, but learns she is the founder of the Ballymolae Cooking School.

Where can self sign up?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

2 responses to “Leaving Ballyvolane (Boo)”

  1. Dear M,
    My email acct was hacked on 6-6-2014 and I lost your email address. I know you want me to send you 2 of my novellas at end of july to review. Pl email me at gingerly(mysurname)ataol.com

    no brackets

    I’ve also changed my contact email with my comments below–kyi


    • OK, Kyi, sorry abt your email being hacked. End of July is a bit soon because I am trying to finish something I started in Ireland. September? I’ll be able to focus better by the second half of September . . .


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